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Project Management Leadership (PLQ)

The Project Management Leadership Questionnaire

lead·er·ship | the ability to build, motivate and maintain high performing teams, groups, departments and organisations

Leadership in project management is consistently ranked as the top competency for a project management professional*. The challenge our industry faces now is just how project leadership can be defined, assessed and measured in a meaningful way.

During 2013 Arras People ran a pilot with Goldsmiths College, London and Global Project Leaders Ltd. to find out if their tool "The Psychometric Test" could in any way help move us forward in this search for the project management leadership holy grail.

This research collated the results from 737 project management practitioners to quantify their most important asset and allowed us to compare their results as a control group with 3737 results that had been collected without the same rigour and control.

The Project Leadership Questionnaire (PLQ) which is based on twelve years academic and industry based research covers seven aspects of project leadership and was positioned as the only test available that focuses on the most important competency in project management. The seven aspects assessed were:

  • pragmatic
  • creative
  • positively intolerant
  • group oriented
  • stable
  • communicator
  • motivated

The PLQ was made available exclusively for Arras People project management candidates during this pilot. Each participant received a comprehensive profile report which provided personalised and comparative data and some thoughts on how they could develop each facet. Over the pilot the individual feedback was positive and many practitioners expressed the opinion that it created a realistic picture of their current phase of development.

As an organisation Arras People have a strong belief that project management practitioners need to show a stronger interest in benchmarking themselves against other practitioners and then creating relevant development plans. Without benchmarking it is in our view impossible to quantify strengths and weaknesses, other than by a gut feel!

*-In the Arras People 2012 Project Management Benchmark Report project professionals ranked leadership as the top competency out of a choice of ten.


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The Seven Facets of Project Leadership

Project Leadership






Positive intolerance






Group orientation