Arras People Seeking Views on Higher Education and PPM

Arras People, the project management recruitment specialists, are currently soliciting the views of a variety of personnel affiliated with both higher education and project management ties to better understand where the development of tomorrow’s project managers is heading in the near future.

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Using tools that include – but are not limited to – a survey, a discussion within various relevant specialist interest groups in the LinkedIn community, and various other social media, Arras People is engaging with personnel in higher education, project management, human resources/hiring capacities and students both full-time and in a continuing professional development manner. It is our goal to share the data and expand further through expert contributions on the ties between universities, professional development and PPM in the September 2011 issue of Project Management Tipoffs, the UK’s leading newsletter on issues pertaining to both recruitment and project management.

Here are some of the areas available to those who wish to make their voice heard on these matters:

  • Take part in the short survey (takes just 3 minutes!) about the training & development preferences on PPM personnel, including those who use training companies, higher education, CPD, on-the-job experiences and many other tools in their development (the survey can only be taken once).
  • On LinkedIn, we’ve started a discussion on degrees & PPM that has grown considerably in popularity. The discussion leads the action on the Arras People Group page, but we’ve also received some early feedback from other groups as well, including The Association for Project Management, Project Managers on Twitter and the PMOSIG. Members of LinkedIn are encouraged to join any or all of these groups to add your two cents.
  • At the APM website, we’ve opened up a dialogue within the Association for Project Management’s forum community on this topic, hoping to better understand the organisational view.

“Social media outlets have shown themselves to be a great way to gather the pulse of what is going on in the PPM world, particularly as the industry moves toward professionalised accreditation status,” says Dan Strayer, editor of Project Management Tipoffs, and coordinator of media projects for Arras People. “We’ve long believed that a universities directory is overdue for public consumption, and it’s our feeling that the information from our social media undertakings in the weeks ahead will provide the directory with a great lead into the collective PPM students’ conscience.”

The September Tipoffs issue, which is available free to subscribers, is due to be released 15th September, with the directory for Higher Education’s release date still to be announced. Previews of the Higher Education issue and other upcoming editions are available on the Tipoffs Production Schedule page, and you can also have a look at past issues in our Archives section.

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Lindsay Scott is one of Arras People's founding directors