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About Improlity Ltd

If you are looking for dynamic software solutions to manage your key business processes, we are the right partner for you. Improlity’s software organises information and communication in both public and private sector organisations and clearly improves the daily work in all levels. Improlity specialises in portfolio management software in Project, Idea and Quality processes.

Improlity is a rapidly expanding Finnish software company that has already made its mark on the UK market with its superb, flexible and professional customer service.

Improlity Project

Improlity’s success is based on a tight partner oriented way of working with its customers and focus on delivering just the perfect usability for its customers.

Improlity Project enables organisations to easily take control of their daily project and portfolio management needs. As the demand for change is real, all organisations looking into the future require an efficient, easy to use and feature rich solution to cover all aspects of project portfolio management.

Leading organisations in all industries have realised that controlling projects’ finances and deadlines require powerful tools like Improlity Project. Also managing human resources well and controlling the whole project portfolio efficiently is increasingly important.

Power of Portfolio

Portfolio view summarises information of projects as per customer’s project management process and requirements. Its purpose is to bring various pieces of project information in one view. It can be filtered and sorted in numerous ways and it can utilise different security groups to determine visibility for different users.

It can include different key performance indicators of the portfolio and tracking symbols to visualise the status of individual projects and milestones. Also it can show finance, deliverables and phase statuses. It tracks time in Gantt format and progress of projects and subprojects. Roadmap mode helps to visualise and choose which projects to take forward from all of the draft projects. This enables managers to evaluate the appropriate projects to be started.

Follow progress in real time, manage, organise and make decisions

The Improlity Project enables top level management to oversee and steer project management programs and project portfolios. Decisions are based on online status, progress and milestone information as well as comprehensive reports and dashboards. Centralising all project work and activities into one easy-to-use platform increases users’ productivity.

Portfolio managers can review status reports given by project managers and track the status gates and milestones to ensure project deliverables' value is on target. Tracking project’s budget, benefits, risks and values help deciding which projects to suspend or which to see through.

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