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The Alternatives to PRINCE2

As you can imagine, we have a lot of conversations about PRINCE2 at Arras. Often its about enquiries from people looking for a new role in project management. The split into two camps – those with minimal project experience who are looking to get into project management and want to do some training (or have already take PRINCE2 and don’t know what to do next). The second camp are those with lots of project experience who have perhaps neglected their professional development and now, having found themselves in the marketplace looking for a new job, they’ve noticed that all the ...

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Newly Qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner Jobs

You’ve just completed your PRINCE2 Practitioner and you’ve got the results, you’ve passed! If you’re already working in a project management position hopefully the training and reading you’ve been doing will be useful when you head back into work. Perhaps you’ve already working against the principles of PRINCE2 anyway so the training has just helped get clear a few things in your head. Plus you get to add it to your CV, which is no bad thing. But what about if you’ve never worked in a project role before, now what? Hopefully you understood before taking the training and exams ...

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25 Years Project Management Experience: Do I Really Need PRINCE2?

“Even though I’m a veteran project manager, I’m not PRINCE2 certified, but that seems to be all companies want in their PM job descriptions. How do I get companies to look at me anyway?” In our experience at Arras People we find a good deal of employers ask for a project management qualification such as PRINCE2, but when we delve deeper it transpires the organisation isn’t working stringently to the process but they are working within a structured environment. Therefore, the real requirement tends to be experience of working within these structures – if you can clearly demonstrate working through ...

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Will PRINCE2 Help Me Get a Foot in the Door?

“Being a project management professional who has been made redundant and actively seeking a role to no avail for the past few months, would employers take notice of me if I gained my PRINCE2 qualification?” A simple answer is maybe – it’s always difficult to say based on a job advert, most asking for PRINCE2 practitioner are actually asking for a project professional, who has and can work within a structured project management environment. Having worked with hundreds of organisations across a diverse range of industries I have yet to discover a company working stringently to PRINCE2. If you have ...

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Job After Taking PRINCE2?

This was a question I got asked the other day on the phone. Someone wanting to get into project management had done the obligatory PRINCE2 Foundation course and was raring to go but unfortunately no-one seems to be biting. What’s wrong with organisations that don’t seem to want newly qualified Project Managers like this anywhere near their projects? OK I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek. Only because really I alternate between exasperation and anger really. Putting my feelings aside for a moment, and answering the genuine question posed by someone. How long does it take? There is no set time. There ...

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I’m a Project Manager, I’ve done a PRINCE2 course – what next?

At SPOCE, people are often saying to us, “I’m a Project Manager, I’ve done a PRINCE2 course – what could I do next?” The answer, of course depends on a number of factors, for example: Would you like to broaden your project management knowledge? If this is the case, we may suggest something like APMP – based on the Association for Project Management‘s body of knowledge What sort of projects do you get involved in? Depending on this, we may suggest Agile PM as an approach. Do you work in a programme environment? In this case, the individual may have ...

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What Can I Do After I’ve Got My PRINCE2 Foundation?

Due to the popularity of PRINCE2 we find that all kinds of people actually take the PRINCE2 Foundation accreditation. They’re not all project management people either. Sure some are taking the PRINCE2 Foundation because they want to get into project management and PRINCE2 Foundation is seen as a first step in doing this (rightly or wrongly, this post is not about whether that’s the right thing to do). Others take it because they’ve somehow ended up in a position where they’re coming into contact with projects for the first time and want to take a course that can help them ...

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Why PRINCE2 is Still Popular

The project management census which is currently running (you can take part in it here) asks the question about project management training and accreditation. We want to know which ones project management practitioners prefer and this year we’ve also asked questions around specific roles – like Portfolio Manager, Programme Manager, PMO Manager etc. It makes sense that we dig deeper and find out if training and accreditation change depending on the role people perform. The results for that will be out in January 2015. In the meantime we are revisiting PRINCE2. Why? Because it is still the most popular project ...

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