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PPM Books You Can Review for Us

“There is a lot you can do in this category to earn PDUs. You could be authoring or co-authoring articles, books or newsletters, present a webinar or podcast, or create and present a project management course. Each will earn you PDUs. The rule is that every hour spent in preparing and delivering these activities is equal to one PDU. The PDUs claimed in this category count toward the 45 PDU maximum for categories D, E and F.” – Cornelius Fichtner, “12 Easy Ways to Earn PDUs“, How to Manage a Camel, 28 May 2012

Whether you want to put the title “PMP” after your name or name, Mr Fichtner is on to something all project managers should take note of. Reviewing a book about project management allows a practitioner or PPM student the chance to, quoting Cornelius, create new knowledge. What a neat responsibility you have then, as we encourage you today to take a look at the following books that we first made available for review in November.

Project Management Bookshop from Arras PeopleIf you’re interested in giving it a go – leave a comment letting us know exactly which book you’re interested in – when you write it in, you’ll create a way for us to get back in touch with you visible only to us, and no one else (save for you self-promoters out there that want a Twitter follow :-) ).

Typically, we allow you three months to read and review the book – in return, we’ll need a 500 word (about a side of A4) review from you. It could end up on a lot of our different forums – here at the Camel, in our monthly newsletter, and most definitely in our revamped Project Management Bookstore, where all book reviews we’ve culled from the last five years for reviewers both internal and external live on. Take a look at some of those previous book reviews to get a feel for what we’ve done and what we might be looking for from you.

Continue your professional development this year: review a book for Arras People Media!


Designing your Project and Programme Management (PPM) Centre of Excellence (COE): A Strategic Guide
David E. Marsh & David A. Wilkin (MMP)

Designing Your PPM Center of ExcellenceOur own Lindsay Scott checked out this book after attending a 2006 PPM CoE conference featuring both Marsh & Wilkin. You can read that post here, and learn more about Marsh & Wilkin here. Their MMP Consulting firm “have assist(ed) organisations to gain the most from Programme and Project Management and especially the establishment and operation of Programme and Project Support Offices and their supporting infrastructure”.

Marsh is an experienced author, having written the two-volume set of “Programme and Project Support Office” titles for Project Manager Today.

Managing Project Supply Chains, Ron Basu (Gower)

Managing Project Supply ChainsFROM THE BACK COVER: “The success of any project relies on the punctual, accurate and cost-effective delivery of materials, systems and facilities. Typically, a major project involves several stakeholders working together with controlled resources to deliver a completed project. It has many suppliers, contractors and customers; it has procurement and supply, demand planning and scheduling; it often lasts several years and has long lead times. Managing Project Supply Chains demonstrates how customised supply chain management can be applied to project management, ensuring project resources are delivered as required, reducing delays and costs and promoting a successful outcome.”

Another title from Gower’s “Advances in Project Management” Series.

Making Sense of Project Realities, Charles Smith (GOWER)

Making Sense of Project Realities, by Charles SmithFROM GOWER WEBSITE: “…a highly readable, very credible and imaginative exploration of the nature of projects and programmes that will strike a chord with every project practitioner; a book that offers a realistic set of ideas for developing creative and effective project players, who understand the purpose of what they are doing, the context within which they are working, and the people with whom they need to engage…

“Several MBA Courses use this book and the tutor feedback is encouragingly positive, including: ‘can be used from day one to change the mindset of the students concerning projects and their management.'”

Managing Quality in Projects, Ron Basu (GOWER)

Managing Quality in ProjectsWHAT THOSE IN THE KNOW ARE SAYING: “This book offers a practical solution to the problem caused by quality failures. The practical lessons can help those involved in project management to avoid many of the pitfalls and save money and avoid reputational damage.” – A. Ghobadian, Professor of Business Strategy, Henley Business School, UK

“This book provides a complete analysis of project excellence and a unique means of measuring it.” – Daniel Keeling, Head of Quality, Crossrail, UK


Project Ethics, Haukur Ingi Jonasson and Helgi Thor Ingasson (GOWER)

Project Ethics, Haukur Ingi Jonasson & Helgi Thor IngasonFROM THE GOWER WEBSITE:Project Ethics opens with an investigation of the critical success factors in project management. It then illustrates how situations can arise within projects where values can compete, and looks at how ethical theories on virtue, utility, duty and rights can be used as competence eye-openers to evaluate projects. The reader is challenged to think of their project management experiences where questions of competing values surfaced, and mirror them in short vignettes taken from real practice from all round the globe. Finally, a new method is introduced, based on classical ethical theory, which can help project owners, project managers, project teams and stakeholders, to identify, estimate and evaluate ethical opportunities and risks in projects.”

Also from Gower’s “Advances in Project Management” Series.

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