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The Land of a Thousand Posts Series tackles a 2011 post from Dan Strayer on iPad applications for the modern project manager.

Land of a Thousand Posts: 2011 – Hey PMs, There’s an App for That

Today marks analysis of 2011, the final year in our continuing series the Land of a Thousand Posts. Having crossed the barrier for entering our 1,000th blog post here on How to Manage a Camel, we at Arras People and our many guest contributors thank you for your commitment to the expertise and knowledge we bring on project management and recruitment every day here.

The Land of a Thousand Posts Series tackles a 2011 post from Dan Strayer on iPad applications for the modern project manager.

A fisherman at One Thousand Island Lake pulls out an July 2011 blog post about iPad Apps for the modern project management practitioner. Background image courtesy king damus @Flickr, re-used with permission.

Since our 2006 inception, we’ve now tackled over 1,000 posts. Going behind the numbers, those posts covered 477 categories or sub-categories and over 2000 tags. Our most popular in these two classifications were unsurprising – project management was a named category 603 times, while Arras People was tagged 162 times. We’ve had 85 outside contributors, from Adrian Quinney to Vincent Birlouez, from the USA to Holland and several points in between. Lindsay Scott topped off all writers with nearly a half century’s worth of posts. You could also find a bevy of posts throughout these last six years from the likes of our capable and expert staff: John Thorpe, Michael Hides, Gary Holmes and Steve Trippier.

As for 2011, here lies the matters we talked about:

  • We said goodbye to Amy Winehouse, Dan Wheldon, Gary Speed, The News of the World, the Harry Potter film series, and the cheque guarantee card
  • We said hello to 20% VAT, commercial hydrogen filling stations, Occupy London, October’s highest recorded temperature (29.9 C), and Census takers
  • The King’s Speech won four Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Colin Firth) and Best Director (Tom Hooper)

One of the most popular posts (and still to this day widely read) tackled that newfangled iPad thingy, complete with the many App whatsits that can possibly make a project manager’s job easier. Piggybacking on a post from Andrea Contreras of the since dormant Project Management Training blog, we update her list of 25 Excellent Project Management iPad Apps with relevant pricing for UK customers. From 13th July 2011, my post on iPad Applications for the Modern Project Manager (and now, updates on those prices, as they have gone up a bit)

Increasingly, project managers are turning to the iPad as a possible tool that can make our project managerial lives even simpler. Most of us looking to do so would likely need some sort of directory to sort through specifics, including Cost, Categories, Relevancy to your role, even the methodology best equipped for each application. With PM software increasingly aware and adaptive providers jumping at the iPad market as a new avenue for their problem-solving tool, the competition is fierce and hard to distinguish. The iPad invariably makes this so, because it presents opportunities to us even the best laptops can fall short on:

  • Their portability is similar, perhaps even better, due to the inherent space reduction of the tool
  • The compactness and advancement puts our project software more literally at our finger tips
  • iPad-specific applications mean a whole market of help is available to this growing contingent of niche users…
  1. Project Planner HD: £3.49 (UPDATE – now £3.99)
  2. TrackerBot: FREE
  3. e-Task Project for iPad: FREE
  4. Projector: £5.99 (UPDATE – now called xPlan £10.49)
  5. Bento: £2.99 (now available as Bento 4 for iPad £6.99)
  6. SG Project 2: £5.99, Pro version: £23.99 (UPDATES – now £6.99 and £27.99)
  7. Project Manager: FREE (UPDATE – no longer available)
  8. Time Scale – Project Management: £1.19 (UPDATE – now £1.99)
  9. Things for iPad: £11.99 (UPDATE – now £13.99)
  10. WebEx for iPad: FREE (UPDATE – no longer available)
  11. OmniFocus: £23.99 (UPDATE – now £27.99)
  12. Task Cards: £1.79 (UPDATE – now £1.49)
  13. Toodledo: £1.79 (UPDATE – now £1.99)
  14. My Timetable: £0.59 (UPDATE – now £0.69)
  15. CalenGoo: £3.99 (UPDATE – now £4.99)
  16. SaiSuke: £5.99 (UPDATE – now £6.99)
  17. Organizer: £4.99 (UPDATE – now £5.49)
  18. Dropbox: FREE
  19. Expense Tablet for iPad: £0.59 (UPDATE – no longer available)
  20. Keynote: £5.99 (UPDATE – now £6.99)
  21. Omni Invoice: £2.99 (UPDATE – there are many Omni apps, but no longer one named “invoice”)
  22. Evernote: FREE
  23. Numbers: £5.99 (UPDATE – now £6.99)
  24. DocScanner: £2.99
  25. Pages: £5.99 (UPDATE – now £6.99)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s a couple iPad applications to make up for those that aren’t available anymore to UK customers…

  1. Project Planning Pro: FREE
  2. iScope – Project Management 4 Humans: FREE
  3. Mind Tools HD: FREE
  4. Taskify Lite – Task Manager: FREE


  1. Agile Project Manager (Scrum Sprint Planner): £6.99

Thanks as ever for checking out the Land of a Thousand Posts Series from How to Manage a Camel – we’ll see you when we hit two grand!

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