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Getting into Project Management

Last month I went along to Project Challenge as a guest of PMI to present, “Getting Into Project Management”. It’s a topic that has become increasingly popular over the years – not just with students but also with people looking to get into project management through a change of career.

In this presentation I probably did the ultimate no-no and tried to present to two audiences – the graduates and the career changers. It actually worked out well in the end because some of the advice overlaps.

Take a look at the presentation:

Interestingly its the second time I’ve used Prezi and whilst many say it can distract from the content, when used “slowly” it’s great!

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Lindsay Scott
Director of Arras People, the programme and project management recruitment specialists. You can find out more about Arras People and follow me on Twitter and Google I also write the careers column for PMI's Network magazine and other project management organisations too. Recently created the first PMO Conference and currently running the PMO Flashmob


  1. Nice presentation. I am on the early rungs of the project management ladder. I have acquired 3-4 years of experience, but still feel I have lots to learn.

    I feel it is essential for PMs to have at least one of the PMP or Prince2 qualifications so that they understand the basics and can follow terminology and understand certain basic concepts. I know qualifications are not the “be all end end all”, as stated in the presentation, but I do feel they give you a solid grounding and a mutual understanding of your fellow PM community.

    After gaining several years experience, as well as my PMP and Prince2 qualifications… there is still more to learn. Only experience and our global community on the web can provide that…

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