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Michael Hides
Dr Michael Hides is a Senior Consultant with Arras People following on from a career as Chartered Engineer and Programme/Project Manager within engineering, manufacturing academic and consultancy organisations. Sign up for a Project Management Careers Clinic with Mick today!

Bridging the Technical Readiness Gap with Project Management

If you think that Programme and Project Managers are only good for innovation in the IT and construction domains then think again! The release and subsequent critical acclaim of the films “The imitation Game” and “The Theory of Everything” are a timely reminder of Britain’s long association of innovation and world-class research. The importance to the UK economy of a strong scientific base is continually reinforced as every £1 invested is worth gives an estimated £2 return and many senior figures believe science, engineering and technology have a key part to play in our economic recovery. To support this, the ...

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Project Management CV Tansformation

In two weeks time we’ll be hosting the project management CV workshop in London. To find out if this is something that you could benefit from you might be interested in this story of transformation for one project manager…. In the beginning… Over the years I have helped many candidates through our Project Management Career (PMC) clinics and whilst they may be requesting help to develop their CVs, my perspective is to undertake a slightly greater transformation; that is how they view themselves. Let us take the example. Paul, who approached us through our PMC clinic with the following request ...

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Snooze and you may loose – Job hunting in December

A common perception from clients and candidates is that this is a bad time of year to be looking for work.  Part of me feels that this an irrelevance in so much as you do not always choose when you are having to look for work.   You could always trying asking your current employer/client if they could hold off making you redundant or ending your contract until perhaps a better time; please let me know how that goes. In the main we do see some quiet periods with the Summer holidays tending to be one of the main ones.  This ...

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Why do I need a separate company identity?

A recent post-workshop discussion with a delegate from our LinkedIn and CV workshops raised the question of having a separate company profile for a freelance Project Manager.At the time I offered an answer but did not feel satisfied that I had provided a sufficiently convincing argument. To explain further we were talking about how a LinkedIn profile could enhance a candidate’s profile and as part of this improvement process I suggested company branding.The candidate asked how the would be different to the LinkedIn profile when there was no ambition to grow the company beyond the sole employee (namely them). Even ...

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When is a good time to hunt for a new project management job?

The topic of the “time of year being good or bad for finding a new project management job” is something that often comes up in conversation with candidates. Whilst an appreciation of the market is always good to have, especially for contractors, for those seeking a new permanent role the question often feels irrelevant. Whilst we may have some options or preferences in terms of seeking out a new role, for some practitioners this is not the case especially if forced on to the market by redundancy or the end of a contract. Over the year we do see some ...

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Apprenticeship: A New Way into Project Management?

One of the questions we get time and again is “How do I get into Project Management?” Until recently our advice has tended to focus on finding opportunities within project based organisations (paid or unpaid) where an individual could pick up valuable experience rather than pointing them at training courses where they can attain theoretical knowledge. For those already working, establishing if there is the possibility of working as part of a project team; or if their current role/experience is unrelated to project management, what about volunteering on a third sector project? The launch of the Higher Apprenticeship in Project ...

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Skyptastic Adventures in Project Management Advice

Here at Arras we are constantly looking to improve how we engage with candidates and clients. We received an enquiry from a candidate in Australia looking for help in positioning for a new role and suggested Skype as a suitable medium. We are keen to embrace newer technology (even though Skype has been around for a while!) but have always felt that telephone appointments allowed us to concentrate on what candidates are saying rather than be distracted by how they look or what body language is being used. However, just because this was our original view does not mean that ...

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Complex Projects – The 14 Year Project Schedule

As a fan of the BBC series “How to build…”, I was excited to see a tour of the BAe Systems’ Barrow site listed on the forthcoming events page of the APM; wasting no time in responding I was rewarded with confirmation soon after. For those unfamiliar with either the BBC series or BAe, Barrow is where the latest class of submarines are made for the Royal Navy. Nine APM members assembled on a beautiful June day at the BAe main office in Barrow. A couple more people could have been accommodated, but last-minute withdrawals and insufficient time for security ...

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