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Julia Gosse
Julia Gosse B.Ed. PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile, MoP, MsP Practitioner, APM Project Management Qualification. Delivering project management training and consultancy for over 30 years. About SPOCE SPOCE Project Management Limited is a global leader in delivering best practice training for project programme and risk management. They offer a wide range of courses which can be tailored to suit any form of training need. For example, public courses e-Learning, blended learning and client workshops. SPOCE is the flagship training provider for PRINCE2 and MSP and were APMGs first ever training provider. For more information: email clients@spoce.com Call 01202 736373

What is PRINCE2 Agile All About?

I have been working with PRINCE2 before it became PRINCE2 and for the last 10 years I have been a PRINCE2 trainer and consultant so I am already sold on PRINCE2. I have also been a software developer and used agile development methods and have never seen the two as being in conflict. The new PRINCE2 Agile guide has been created to provide guidance for blending the PRINCE2 project management approach with agile delivery methods. The PRINCE2 Agile approach brings together the strength of PRINCE2 and the flexibility of agile delivery methods that can be used across all industry sectors. ...

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What’s To Like About AgilePM?

In this guest post, Julia Gosse talks about the new Agile Project Management framework. So what’s to like about AgilePM? It is a complete package incorporating enough structure to manage projects and an agile delivery method. You don’t need anything else to manage and deliver projects in an agile way. It is easy to understand and apply. The DSDM consortium is a not for profit organisation behind AgilePM.  This approach is a result of 20 years of experience and based on continuous feedback from private and public sector projects. Many of the agile approaches are based around ongoing product development ...

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What Does Agile Mean in the Job Market?

What does Agile mean? And how on earth do we distinguish this in the job market? I have been asked this question three times over the last week which has prompted me to try to clarify the term “Agile”.  I understand the frustration because the term “Agile” is pretty generic and can mean different things from one organisation to the other. According to the Oxford Dictionary the term Agile is an adjective to describe: The ability to move quickly and easily Relating to or denoting a method of project management, used especially for software development, that is characterised by the division ...

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