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Ashley Marron
Ashley Marron is a Scottish based CEO with a proven record of creating and growing both manufacturing and software businesses in domestic and international markets. Ashley has been a CEO for over 20 years initially within the hugely competitive manufacturing domain before moving to Gael to manage the team that propelled the growth of the software business. Gael specialised in providing Quality, Safety and Risk solutions for Aviation, Healthcare, Defence and Manufacturing organisations across 93 countries. Following the sale of Gael to Ideagen plc he then moved to focus his attention on developing MindGenius Ltd as a leading player in Project Management solutions, contributing to the strategic development of a new application called Barvas. Barvas is a visual and collaborative tool that helps teams capture ideas, determine and prioritise what needs done and stay organised during project delivery.

The Five W’s of Project Planning

Project planning activities really benefit from the 5W questions - who, what, why, when, where before getting into the detail of how. Here Ashley Marron from Barvas talks about them and how using a mind mapping tool can also help.

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President Trump and The Need for Accurate Information

As the world watches President Donald Trump and his team try and control the media agenda I am struck that being oblivious to unethical or illegal behaviour happening within an organisation is not an acceptable excuse for allowing it to occur. Leaders will be held responsible – even when they claim to have no knowledge of the situation. Recently Michael Flynn, the national security adviser to President Trump, resigned over revelations about his potentially illegal contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and his misleading statements about the matter to senior Trump administration officials. Whilst there are undoubtedly ...

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