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Running a PMO World Cafe

People that know me, know that I love everything to do with PMOs (geek, I know) and I regularly volunteer for the Association for Project Management’s PMO Specific Interest Group – especially helping put on local events where PMO practitioners can get together in an evening. Often it’s a guest speaker for the evening and a few Q&As afterwards, but there’s one thing I’ve learnt about PMO people – they love getting together with other PMO people and comparing notes. It’s not like being a Project Manager, often there may only be one PMO person in the whole organisation – ...

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Q&A Project Management Careers: The Counter Offer

Should I accept a counter-offer? A counter-offer from a current employer just when you have received an offer from a potential new employer is one of life’s scenarios that quickly puts all of us into one of three camps – yes, no and maybe. The answer you arrive at will be depending on your current frame of mind – why were you interviewing for another job? It will also depend on your current career situation – do you need a change more than an increase in salary? (Inevitably most counter-offers focus on salary increase first) You will also have to ...

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Adventure, Project or Business as Usual (BaU)?

In thinking about the APM 2020 Vision – a world in which all projects succeed, I got around to wondering what the word “project” actually means in this phrase. Is it me, or do we seem to have arrived at a situation where the word “project” is actually omnipresent and applied to anything that requires a wrapper, be it developing a new idea such as HS2, developing a football club or re-decorating a room? I wonder if some of our current projects should be redefined as adventures “a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome” so that we are ...

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It’s in my cover letter

Over the years we have been asked many times about the relevance of cover letters in the recruitment process; should I write one? What should it contain? Will it be read? Our view has always been that a cover letter is just part of your marketing collateral and as such it should always be professional and relevant. This is especially so when applying through a web portal “put me in4 this m8” is generally not going to be the starting point for a beautiful relationship! Our latest survey “The Project Management CV: How Effective is it in the Recruitment Process” ...

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What does project management mean to me?

Imagine gaining a life long skill from an early age that helps you do many things in life better. From organising your homework timetable; hosting a dinner party for 20; planning your wedding day or even decorating your bedroom – wouldn’t it be great if you were able to almost automatically know the best way to get these done without lots of stress and arguments? That’s what project management means to me – it’s a life skill that once you “get it”, it never leaves you. Once you’ve had your eyes opened to some simple techniques that help you think ...

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Tailoring for Specific Roles

It’s something we’ve always talked about and now in a survey by the National Careers Service it’s been highlighted as the most common mistake people make with their CVs. In a report out yesterday it highlighted how people don’t spend enough time creating or updating their CV, especially treating their CV as a “shop window” – something we’ve been talking about for a while (as far back as 2009!) For project management specific CVs it is crucial that you maximise your chances when applying for new jobs. Because a project management career is so varied – and organisations look for ...

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