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Returning to a Project Manager Job After Illness

I’ve been away from the working world for two years with a serious illness. I’m recovered now but I’m finding it difficult to get back into a Project Manager role. Any advice? There will always be some organisations that think a gap in your career should stop them from employing you. Equally when you’ve been out of the workplace for a number of years, there might be an expectation that you could pick up where you left. Both views may be considered to be unreasonable so where does that leave you? The bottom line is, it’s about finding the right ...

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Moving from Project Manager to Programme Manager

I’ve been spending time thinking about my future career and one day I’d like to move on from being a Project Manager to a Programme Manager. What development steps should I be thinking about to make that happen? I see programme management as a step away from hands on project control and delivery and a closer move towards strategy, business and people management. To make a move towards programme management I also think the transition needs to include time spent as a Senior Project Manager too. There are specific programme management techniques and processes that also need to be learnt ...

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Will PRINCE2 Help Me Get a Foot in the Door?

“Being a project management professional who has been made redundant and actively seeking a role to no avail for the past few months, would employers take notice of me if I gained my PRINCE2 qualification?” A simple answer is maybe – it’s always difficult to say based on a job advert, most asking for PRINCE2 practitioner are actually asking for a project professional, who has and can work within a structured project management environment. Having worked with hundreds of organisations across a diverse range of industries I have yet to discover a company working stringently to PRINCE2. If you have ...

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Making the Move from Private to Public Sector Working

“I currently work for a private sector organisation (in healthcare systems) and I’ve been approached to take a new job in the public sector; I’m unsure about the stability of the market and whether it is wise to consider moving into the public sector at the moment. What advice can you give?” – Amanda, London It seems to me that you have a background in a service area which will be required for some years to come in the healthcare public sector. I’ll make some assumptions that you are concerned about the longevity of the new role (is any job ...

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Posting Your Project Management CV Online

“How can I post my CV online without giving out my personal details?” Thanks for your question. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to give out any additional details on your CV over and above your name, mobile number, email address and high level location (county or city). Not providing additional detail like your full address, date of birth (not required due the Age legislation laws) and National Insurance number, does not hinder your chances when looking for a new role. The bare minimum of contact details is adequate; they let the recruiter or organisation know how to ...

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Project Management Career Q&A | Feedback After Interviews

Why are employers taking so long to come back with feedback after interviews? Thanks for your question. OK, let’s cut to the chase here and talk about the three types of situations that arise after an interview; one – the interviewers really liked the person and can already see them working within their organisation. It’s highly unlikely that this interviewee is going to have to wait awhile before they get feedback. Number two – the interviewers really didn’t gel with the person and really can’t see them performing well in that role, this interviewee might have a wait on their ...

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Project Management Career Q&A | Getting Back to a Sector

I am looking to go back into a particular field I specialised in over 5 years ago but recruiters / employers are not taking any interest, why? I think we’re all agreed that the market is tough at the moment, with many jobseekers chasing fewer vacancies. This means that you are facing tough competition from others who do have current / recent experience in the field you are interested in. There has long been a saying in recruitment; “You’re only as good as your last job”, which roughly translates to; “The last job you did is the most important to ...

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Moving to the UK: PMI or APM?

I am an experienced Project Manager with over 15 years in the UK working in the Built Environment but for the past two years I have been living and working in Toronto. I have got my PMP from the PMI Institute as that was necessary in this region. Am likely to be coming back to the UK permanently in a few months will this qualification be recognised/transferable as some applications are asking for APM affiliation which I don’t have. I also only took Prince 2 Foundation course. How has Agile taken off in the UK. When I left two years ...

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