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Q&A Project Management Careers: Rate Increases

  How can I request a rate increase having been declined a rate increase last year? If you’re working as a freelance or contract project manager the answer is easy. You ask again, indicating why you are looking for a rate increase. This could be based on a number of things – current market rate; alignment to other contractors; reward ...

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Q&A Project Management Careers: Ageism?

  Are there opportunities for second-career returners still, or is the dearth of work causing even more discrimination based on age/gender?   By second-career returner I’m making the assumption that you previously worked in project management and after a career in another field you are looking to return? The problem with second-career returners is not so much about age or ...

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Q&A Project Management Careers: Getting the Best Day Rate

  As a contract Project Manager, how can I get the best day rate rather than settling for the first offer? Having a clear picture of your day rate will certainly make you appear professional against those who secure an offer and then start trying to negotiate the rate that everyone thinks is already agreed. In my experience it comes ...

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Q&A Project Management Careers: What do employers want?

  What is the typical experience employers are looking for from a Practitioner? We would like to think that having the right technical skills to deliver a project coupled with strong management skills like team leadership and managing stakeholders to drive it forward would be a hit with employers. Over the last five years or so, more and more employers ...

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Q&A Project Management Careers: Age Old Problems

Is age a potential barrier to getting into project management? If we think about younger workers – no, age is not a barrier however what doesn’t help when trying to get into the profession is often your own expectations. Recently graduating with minimal experience could be a barrier if you are expecting to walk straight into a position managing a ...

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