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Q&A Project Management Careers: What do employers want?

  What is the typical experience employers are looking for from a Practitioner? We would like to think that having the right technical skills to deliver a project coupled with strong management skills like team leadership and managing stakeholders to drive it forward would be a hit with employers. Over the last five years or so, more and more employers ...

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On the up?

As we march towards the end of 2013, what can we all expect in 2014 after 5 years when austerity, cuts and falling living standards have impacted many project management practitioners? According to the latest report from REC/KPMG the October data presents a picture of growth with; Sharper increase in salaries as candidate availability deteriorates Strong growth of permanent and ...

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Q&A Project Management Careers – Part-Time Work

Is it possible to be a project manager on a part-time basis? After a career break to raise my young family I want to work more flexibly but I’m not sure if there are opportunities like this?   Project management has a reputation for having a long hours working culture but not all organisations have the same wants and needs ...

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Project Management Recruitment

How to Move On After 25 Years

Everyone’s career is different and project management is no exception. Some choose to stay in the same organisation for years; others have no choice but to move on. Some purposely choose to move every 2-4 years whilst others choose every few months through contracting. Whatever career choices we make, there might just come a time when you’re genuinely unsure about ...

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Arras People's Hot Trends in Project Management Recruitment

A New Addition to the Vodcast – Arras People Hits YouTube!

We’re very proud to be able to offer you a new social media tool for interacting with Arras People. That’s right, folks: we’re finally tapping the YouTube barrel! Over the last year, Arras People have offered vodcasts regarding presentations made by our capable careers consultants and directors. With our newest version, Lindsay Scott and I hooked up some webcams at ...

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