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A Public Sector Project Manager

I have delivered projects in the public sector for over 12 years both as a direct employee to public sector organisations and as a contractor.  I find it to be a constantly rewarding and challenging environment to work in and one that defies many of the stereotypes associated with “public sector”. Yes, on occasion there may be more bits of ...

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A Short Guide to Operational Risk, reviewed by John Greenwood

Book Review: “A Short Guide to Operational Risk”

David Tattam’s ‘A Short Guide to Operational Risk’ fits into a series of Short Guides about risk published by Gower. The series is planned to comprise around 15 books, addressing risk management topics as diverse as Climate, Fraud, Kidnap and Ransom, and Tax Risk. The Short Guides series aims to provide an easily digested, 100 page introduction to each subject. ...

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Book Review: “Benefits Realisation Management”

Gerald Bradley has been involved in Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) since the 1980s. His company specialises in providing services to support and train for BRM at all levels within organisations. The 2nd Edition of Bradley’s Benefits Realisation Management is set up to explain BRM in detail and how it relates to Projects, Programmes and PMOs. Bradley suggests early in the book that many organisations have a simplified ...

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Project Management Interview

Put Your Best Foot Forward: The Nonverbal Interview

You never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Believe it or not, others form their opinion of you within minutes of seeing you, and much of it is based on the signals you send without ever saying a word. In this way, our silence speaks volumes. So what does this mean in terms of interviewing skills? ...

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Nine Steps to Embracing Risk Analysis in the Enterprise

In the commercial environment, businesses make decisions daily, irrespective of whether they are operating in a boom or a recession. Each decision has an associated level of risk: where to invest, what product to produce, what quantity, which vendor to use, what price to charge, what marketing activity to pursue. The list is endless. Although these decisions have potentially business-critical ...

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Resource Scheduling

Over the years, I have written a number of schedule risk analysis programs, the latest being Full Monte for Microsoft Project. From time to time, I have been asked why they never take resource scheduling into account. There are actually two problems. The more fundamental one is that there is a mismatch between the assumptions made in resource leveling and ...

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