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Project Management Cookbook

In a recent project management careers clinic, I was asked the question – PRINCE2 or APMP, which one should someone looking to increase their project management knowledge early in their careers spend their money on? Most people who are new to project management have of course heard about PRINCE2, it’s difficult not to when looking at job advertisements because that’s the thing most employers ask for. That doesn’t mean its the right choice when looking to improve your project management skills and ultimately become attractive to potential employers. I’ve heard the analogy about PRINCE2 and APMP being likened to cookery ...

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Any advice on becoming a project management contractor…

At Project Challenge earlier this year, every second person who drop by the stand said pretty much the same thing, “…any advice on becoming a project management contractor…” Contracting has always been an attractive option – especially in terms of the rates contractors can work at and the variation of opportunities that exist. Seasoned contractors will also be quick to tell you that it’s not necessarily plain sailing. Rates have been taking a hit lately and it can be nerve-racking if a new contract doesn’t materialise soon after the last one has ended. These are just a few of the ...

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Project Recruitment Changes – One Day at a Time

“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.” Aldous Huxley So on that note we’re happy to announce that Arras People have just launched their new job and career portal for project management practitioners. We do want to change the world eventually (……muahahahahahhahahahha!) well the world of project management recruitment anyway, and to do that we’ve just made the first stepped change. The first step is creating a platform that allows us to carrying on bringing additional changes to project practitioners – for ones that are ...

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Do you know the pros and cons of two different types of roles you're considering, such as PMO and delivery? Have you got a presentation to make at a job interview? Listen to the Careers Advice Podcast this month from Arras People.

CAREERS ADVICE POD: Delivery, PMOs, and Job Interview Presentations

If you’ve ever faced the spectre of making a presentation at a job interview, this is the podcast you’ll need to listen to. If you’ve ever pondered life in a project delivery role or monitoring from PMO sidelines, this is also the podcast you’ll need to listen to. The Careers Advice Podcast from Arras People tackles issues and notions faced by those searching for new roles in Project & Programme Management each month. Today, Lindsay Scott tackles two questions fired in by our readers: I’m currently working within a Programme Management Office (PMO) and I’m undecided about where to take ...

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Book Review: “Benefits Realisation Management”

Gerald Bradley has been involved in Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) since the 1980s. His company specialises in providing services to support and train for BRM at all levels within organisations. The 2nd Edition of Bradley’s Benefits Realisation Management is set up to explain BRM in detail and how it relates to Projects, Programmes and PMOs. Bradley suggests early in the book that many organisations have a simplified view of BRM. To many organisations, benefits are something required in order to justify project initiation. This ripples through to an eventual top-slicing of future budgets reflecting the numbers set out in the Business Case. This leads to a situation where in order to get a project signed ...

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In the modern social media-aware world we live in, it's important to remember that what you have intended to be taken as a joke or light-hearted sarcasm on Twitter or Facebook may not be interpreted as such, and your words could have consequences beyond what you initially intended.

Social Media and the “Cloak of Invisibility”

It almost seems to be a weekly occurrence that some celebrity, politician or sports star is putting their reputation, or career at risk with some ill-advised comment on one social network site or another. Freedom of speech is one thing, but as many have realised, it isn’t always free of consequence. I am sure we can all bring to mind stories where comments on Twitter have resulted in major headlines, resignations, suspensions, fines and threats of legal action. For instance, in 2010, Labour candidate Stuart MacLennan was removed from standing because of a number of tweets where he referred to ...

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Innovations offered more often by Men included those related to Computers, Engineering and Television, whilst Women pointed out events related to the Internet, Telephone Communications, Music, Recording and - surprisingly - Gaming & Consoles.

Gender Breakdown on World Events & Innovation

We spent the January issue of Project Management Tipoffs deciphering how specific generations of project management practitioner cited the very first events in popular culture that shaped our lives, with particular regard for World Events and Innovation. The results were culled from early returns on the 2013 Project Management Census – which, if you haven’t done yet, you can still take! Some categories that were prominent in the early years of a person’s life shaped what categories were most commonly cited for that generation. It was more likely, for instance, that a Baby Boomer (those born between 1946 and 1964) ...

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The Cumulative Distributive Function (CDF) on 10 throws of a die.

Why Things Don’t Add Up

Last time we learned about continuous distributions and how they are described by the frequency function. I also promised to save us from the infinitesimal probabilities represented in the frequency function. The answer is the Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF), which is merely the area under the frequency function curve to the left of a given point. (You may remember with horror from your schooldays that the way to get this area is to integrate the curve, but we need not worry about the mechanics of this here.) What matters is that the area to the left of any value x ...

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