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What will it take?

Once again the underlying messages in the news and media this week are that UK Plc. is on the up. After the gloom of the “great recession” this is surely a welcome relief, though it would appear that ‘the workers’ are not yet convinced that the time is right to look for a new opportunity and kick start their careers. ...

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The Project Management CV – Grammar and Spelling

Following on from the post last week about “how NOT to differentiate yourself in the PM marketplace” in this post we are going to look at some common problems with a project management CV when it comes to spelling and grammar. Let’s get to it. First make sure your spell checker is set to English (U.K) and not English (U.S). ...

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How NOT to differentiate yourself

So for some time now the noises coming out of the economy have been generally much more positive then we have been used to; unemployment is falling, more jobs are being created and the general consensus is that eventually salaries / day-rates will start to slowly increase. As a professional PPM Practioner in 2014, your skills are likely to be ...

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A Public Sector Project Manager

I have delivered projects in the public sector for over 12 years both as a direct employee to public sector organisations and as a contractor.  I find it to be a constantly rewarding and challenging environment to work in and one that defies many of the stereotypes associated with “public sector”. Yes, on occasion there may be more bits of ...

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Project Management Market Tipping Point

For some time now the messages around the economy have all been of a positive nature, all the signs seem to be pointing towards recovery, it is a slow recovery but a recovery nonetheless. This is without doubt the impression we are getting from the media, however in my recent experience it would seem that we are still a little ...

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Adventure, Project or Business as Usual (BaU)?

In thinking about the APM 2020 Vision – a world in which all projects succeed, I got around to wondering what the word “project” actually means in this phrase. Is it me, or do we seem to have arrived at a situation where the word “project” is actually omnipresent and applied to anything that requires a wrapper, be it developing ...

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