Making Better Business Decisions with Continuous Planning

The PMO community have often discussed the problems in portfolio management surrounding planning. If only if was so simple to effectively plan a portfolio of programmes and projects which fit neatly into an organisation’s financial year – life would be so much simpler but alas no. In this article, Carina Hatfield tells us about a new ebook which is available to download which covers this exact problem and covers something called continuous planning which should be something every PMO is interested in finding out more about. Here’s Carina: Improve Agility Through Continuous Planning There is no avoiding it.  Budget season.  ...

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Networking for Professional Success

Just before Christmas I went along to Hemsley Fraser’s PM Conference day – there were about five sessions throughout the day (I wrote about the session on Agile just before Christmas). There was that dreaded after lunch slot where everyone normally falls into a slump, but they managed to avoid it with a lively session about networking. There were eight parts to it – eight things we can be doing to help network better – and when we network better it helps our career in so many different ways. Here are the eight things to be aware of and try ...

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Kick Start Your Project Management Career in 2017 \\ Project Management Prizes Galore

We’re entering the last few weeks of the Project Management Census – huge thanks to everyone who has already taken part – they’re currently in the draw for some great prizes, including: Yes, we’re giving away 10 free sessions in this year’s draw. The Project Management Careers Clinics are really popular with all levels of project practitioners. If you’re looking for some advice on your career – or want help creating a better CV – take part in the Census and get in the draw. We’ve got some great project management books to give away – £400 quids worth – ...

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A Big Change in Project Management

I’ve been working in project management and recruitment for years. In the early days, back in the late nineties, early noughties, the vast majority of people who worked in project management were second career project practitioners. These are the people who started out their work life as something else before coming into project management by chance (mostly) If you’re a certain age and work in project management today, chances are you are a second career project practitioner. Yet look what’s starting to happen now. Project management is becoming a first career choice This insight comes from the latest Project Management ...

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What’s Another Name for a Project Director?

There are so many different job titles in project management – some of them are obvious – project manager for one! A lot more of them can bring confusion though – we’ve already covered off the title Program Director so let’s look at the Project Director title. The Project Director role can mean a couple of different things – and it also features more in certain industries. You’ll see the Project Director role in a lot of construction organisations – the title often means they’re heading up a new build or development and they are responsible for an entire project ...

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The Alternatives to PRINCE2

As you can imagine, we have a lot of conversations about PRINCE2 at Arras. Often its about enquiries from people looking for a new role in project management. The split into two camps – those with minimal project experience who are looking to get into project management and want to do some training (or have already take PRINCE2 and don’t know what to do next). The second camp are those with lots of project experience who have perhaps neglected their professional development and now, having found themselves in the marketplace looking for a new job, they’ve noticed that all the ...

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Taking Time Out of Your Project Management Career – Q&A

I’ve taken a couple of years out to care for a relative and now I’m finding it impossible to get back into a project management role, any advice? Hopefully you are making it clear on your CV what you have been doing for the last few years; hirers don’t like to see unexplained gaps and would prefer to see something rather than nothing. You don’t mention what types of roles you have been applying for but there could be some problems with trying to gain the same level of role you held previously. From a hirer’s point of view if ...

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Getting Moving with Agile Projects

The fundamentals of project management normally focuses on areas like planning, resource management, risk management and stakeholder management. In the year 2016 it also includes understanding Agile – as I found out at a recent project management event being run by Hemsley Fraser in London. The concept is simple – bite sized project management learning (in this day session that included stakeholder management, risk management, networking for success, virtual working) – hour-long sessions that covered different areas of project management – all ideal for those who are new to project management or have a couple of years experience. They’ll be ...

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