The ABC of Earned Value Management

I’m off to try something new next month – an Earned Value Management Conference in London on the 20th-21st May. It’s called #EVA19 which gives you some idea about how many of them have happened previously. It’s actually more than a conference because wrapped around the main two-day conference there are also two days of workshops. A great idea to ...

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Do you know how ‘good’ you are?

In this month’s newsletter we’re kicking off a year of focus on project management careers (and recruitment of course!). In the first one we’re looking at two different aspects – the project practitioners own career planning and getting nearer to being able to answer the question, “Do you know how ‘good’ you are?”. The other side of the fence – ...

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Celebrating People in Project Management

Last week was the official launch party for the Gower Handbook of People in Project Management. We held it at the National Centre for Project Management in Hatfield which we felt was a fitting place to bring together just some of the 50 odd authors who contributed to the Handbook. The book brings together all those soft skills; behavioural aspects ...

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What will it take?

Once again the underlying messages in the news and media this week are that UK Plc. is on the up. After the gloom of the “great recession” this is surely a welcome relief, though it would appear that ‘the workers’ are not yet convinced that the time is right to look for a new opportunity and kick start their careers. ...

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So you’re ready to go contracting?

After years of being in the career doldrums (minimal promotion; small bonuses; wage increases below inflation…) more and more project management practitioners are turning to freelancing and contracting to start maximising and capitalising on their skills and experiences. We started to see the shift last year – it was highlighted in the Project Management Benchmark Report – rather than face ...

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