Project Managers Give Away Their Time for Free!

That headline is just one of many great insights into the working project practitioner today featured in the 10th edition of the Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) too. As it becomes harder to escape the reality and impact of globalization on individuals and organisations, we took the decision this year to include the growing number of international respondents and include their valued input where appropriate into the PMBR. Much has changed in the field of Programme and Project management over the 10 years in which we have been creating the PMBR. We have seen bodies such as the PMI, APM, ...

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Project Management Career Q&A – Working for Free

I’m trying to get into my first project management role, I’m not sure where to start or even if I should consider working for free to get started? Getting your first break in a formal and recognised project management position can be tough; especially so if you are entering the employment market for the first time. Project management as you have probably realised sees experience as king; so how do you gain the experience in the first place? The mistake many people make when looking to get their first break in project management is making the assumption that the first ...

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Project Management Career Q&A – Non-Governmental Organisations

I work for a non-governmental organization (NGO) and I’m a member of PMI. Could you point me towards any development resources I could use specifically in this sector? I know just how important good project management is in NGOs and how some elements of project delivery can differ from other sectors. You may already be aware of PMI’s Educational Foundation and the specific resources there for NGOs and other non-profit organizations. Development programs and training like the PMP, which look at both the technical and behavioural sides of project management are also obviously of benefit. There is also a specific ...

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Project Management Career Q&A – Stress!

Something needs to change. I feel overworked, stressed and my work/life balance is non-existent, what do I need to do to start changing this? Work and life are two of the things that many practitioners working in the field of project management struggle to get into a happy balance. With increased pressures to deliver, expectations of doing more with less, project managers are no strangers to feeling overworked and at worse burn out! So, it is good that you recognise that something has to change before you reach a stage where your body and mind might just make the decision ...

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Should We Be Concerned about the Aging Project Management Workforce?

Last week ESI International, the project management training company, announced the release of their annual top 10 trends in project management for 2015. I always enjoy reading through their listings and this year there were a couple that caught my eye. Both are in relation to talent management – around the organisation’s approach to project managers in their organisation and about finding and hiring project managers. For completeness here is the full list: ESI¹s top 10 trends for project management include: Lofty expectations: PMs need to become adept at managing gaps between the constraints of cloud-based platforms and the business expectations. ...

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Hiring and Retaining the Right Project Managers – The Interview

Late last year I took part in the Conscious Software Telesummit. I was interviewed on the subject of Hiring and Retaining the Right Project Managers. In this post I share the entire transcript of the interview with Michael Smith.   This is Michael Smith with the Conscious Software Development Telesummit and I’m here today with Lindsay Scott. We’re going to be talking about a very critical issue with the change in the market for Project Managers. I know Lindsay has some secrets to do with retention and we’ll talk about how the market has changed later. Welcome Lindsay to the ...

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