Project Management Careers Q&A: Branching Projects

A friend of mine loves the idea of my job as a project manager and wants to switch careers to become one himself. Any practical advice I can give him to help him? No doubt you shared your own experiences about how you ended up being a project manager, and I’m going to guess that you somehow ended up as a project manager without really planning it at all? This is how it is for a lot of current project managers which doesn’t help those people who are making a concerted effort to get into a project management career. The ...

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Mind Mapping for Project Managers

It’s likely that most of us have heard the phrase “poor planning = poor performance” or “fail to plan – plan to fail” and other variations on the same theme. What it all boils down to is that the success of any plan, process, initiative or project is usually determined by the quality of the planning process. This is particularly true and vitally important in terms of projects. I’m sure you’ll agree that, amongst other aspects, the up-front planning stage of a project (or a series of related tasks e.g. arising out of a meeting) the “Why?” “What?” “Who” “When?” ...

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2 Weeks of Free IT Project Management Learning

From the 10th November to the 21st, there is a telesummit you might be interested in if you’re managing IT and software development projects. Aimed at senior managers, the two-week telesummit will deliver great speakers into your in-box each day. It’s being run by Michael Smith who runs his own programming based business in the States. Michael created Conscious Software Development which means you apply Awareness and Choice to all areas of application creation. He’s now bringing a panel of speakers and creating over 21 interviews for the telesummit. Register for the summit for free. You’ll then hear from 21+ top ...

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Project Management Umbrella Company

Project Management Contracting – Business Taxes

Anyone entering into project management contracting and starting a new business has many issues to deal with, not least of all understanding the UK Tax system. As a Project Manager, you will have agreed your plan of work with your client and started your new contract. You will be straight into a new project, with a new team, processes and methods to follow. Probably, the last thing on your mind will be how and when you will pay tax and what kind of tax you will pay, personally and professionally. Here is a brief overview of the tax system for ...

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We are all project managers now – newsletter out today

If you’d like to see how these images are connected to project management, take a look at the storyboard newsletter out today We’ve taken our presentation from Project Challenge last week and recreated it in this month’s newsletter. We hope it simulates some thoughts so why not revisit this blog page after you’ve read it and share them with us?

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One Page Project Management CV?

I love it when job seekers try something different with their data. CVs or resumes certainly have their place and as much as people hating having to write them I can’t see them ever being replaced (I’d love to eat my own words though!) Last week at Project Challenge, a visitor to the stand shared an overview of their career so far. I liked it. I thought a simple timeline like this, added to the front of a CV is a good thing to do. Not only does it give me a clear overview in one page, I also thought ...

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