We are all project managers now – newsletter out today

If you’d like to see how these images are connected to project management, take a look at the storyboard newsletter out today We’ve taken our presentation from Project Challenge last week and recreated it in this month’s newsletter. We hope it simulates some thoughts so why not revisit this blog page after you’ve read it and share them with us?

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One Page Project Management CV?

I love it when job seekers try something different with their data. CVs or resumes certainly have their place and as much as people hating having to write them I can’t see them ever being replaced (I’d love to eat my own words though!) Last week at Project Challenge, a visitor to the stand shared an overview of their career so far. I liked it. I thought a simple timeline like this, added to the front of a CV is a good thing to do. Not only does it give me a clear overview in one page, I also thought ...

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What does a Limited Company Director do?

We carry on our series of articles aimed at project management contractors and freelancers. If you are new to Project Management or as just setting out as an individual entity, there are many business options to consider. Please read Project Manager? Are you thinking about contracting? For further explanation of some options available to you. If, after exploring your options you decide to open your business as a Limited Company (Setting up as a Project Manager with a Limited Company can give you an overview of how to do this), you will need to nominate a Director. A Limited Company ...

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What project managers are concerned with right now

This week was Project Challenge in London and if you didn’t make it – shame! you missed out on a good event. We’ve been doing these events for a while now and I think its fair to say the last few years have been somewhat slow. We can probably attribute this to the recession and a general low energy and apathy in the profession as a knock on effect – this week, it was totally different! The event had a sharper feel to it – it even felt brighter but the think that really struck me were the great questions ...

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Q&A Project Management Careers: First Project

I just got an offer for a Project Lead position and it is going to my first time of handling a multidisciplinary project. What advice can you give to me? I am PMP certified. First, congratulations I hope you will be taking the job because so many project management positions today are multidisciplinary projects and you will be gaining so much experience which can only help you as you progress through your project management career. The key to working in this kind of environment is finding the balance between keeping control of the project and keeping all interested parties on ...

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Setting up as a Project Manager with a Limited Company

As a Project Manager, you may decide that you want to start your own business – becoming a contractor or freelancer. One of the options available to you is to set up a private Limited Company. There is a lot of advice available online, but here is a précis of what you need to know in order to achieve Limited Company status. The process begins by registering with Companies House and advising Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Companies House adheres to the Companies Act 2006 and its main purpose is to register and dissolve Limited Companies. In addition it ...

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