Project Management Interviews

This week I’m hosting #pmchat on Twitter at 5pm UK time on Friday. If you’ve never come across #pmchat before it is a community of project managers from across the globe who tune into Twitter for 60 minutes and share insights based on a theme. The theme this week is all about project management interviews. Before each #pmchat we like to share an article that sets the scene for the discussion and I wanted to share some recent insights into how project management interviews have been carried out in recent weeks here in the UK. There are three main areas ...

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Project Manager? Are you thinking about contracting?

If you are thinking about contracting or freelancing do you think you have you considered all of the options available to you? Whether you are new to Project Management or contemplating setting up independently, it is important to select an option that will best suit your needs. The business world is continually changing, morphing into a web of rules and regulations that can have the cleverest person confused!  As you concentrate on finding a new contract you also need to consider a few things when setting up payroll management and accounting with your new venture. We will be sharing some ...

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Agile – The Next Frontier

Is Agile something that has caught your imagination? Are you seeing more and more mention of it in your project management world? Over the past few years there has been a dedicated conference in London and the next one takes place in October. On the 8th and 9th of October, the conference will bring together the leading Agile people (or should that be Agilists?)  in the UK today. Organisational change is essential in today’s business climate where competitive pressures, changing customer needs, new technology, legislation, regulatory compliance and other business issues need to be addressed – fast.  Introducing and managing ...

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Getting into Project Management

How does someone get a job as a project manager?

Getting into project management for the first time can differ from person to person. If you’ve recently left education and you’re looking to get into project management as a first job, you should be looking at the entry-level positions that exist. Positions like analyst, planner, controller and co-ordinator are all roles that give you exposure to the project environment whilst building up your technical knowledge. Without previous experience in this field it is highly unlikely that you will gain a project manager position from day one, after all, how many college kids do you know that walk straight into a ...

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What was the last conscious thing you did to benefit your PM career?

  Good question don’t you think? There are lots of things we do in our everyday job that impact our careers. We make choices about how we manage a project, make decisions about  how to approach something or put our heads above the parapet (or not) when a situation demands it. Often we are not aware of how these choices and decisions impact our careers. Sometimes we’re not even aware that we had a choice or a decision to make. We may look back and say, “that decision at that moment in time really helped my career”, or “I’m glad ...

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The Agile PMO

A book was published last year, “The Agile PMO” which takes a look at the role of the PMO when an organisation has adopted the principles of Agile to deliver their projects. This topic has been buzzing around the PMO community for a while now – with three camps. Those that don’t believe that anything should differ with the PMO, those that think it all changes, and those that don’t have a clue! The small book introduces the principles behind an Agile PMO but because the PMO community is a proactive lot the PMO Flashmob is going one step further ...

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