When is a Good Time to Look for a New Project Manager?

A recent anecdote, recounted by a colleague, highlighted how little energy can be put into resource management in project organisations.  In the worst extremes this results in reactive recruitment with little account taken of the timing of the activities.  Where someone leaves or a sudden increase in workload requires an immediate response, hiring managers often have little choice as to when they recruit. In the main we do see some quiet periods, with the summer holidays tending to be one of the main ones.  This is understandable as both hirers and jobseekers (especially those with school age children) are focused ...

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Resource and Time Management

I’ve been having so many conversations with people about resource management lately. It appears to be one of those areas of PPM that we still struggle with and the conversations have all been about – do we do resource management from the bottom up or top down. In this guest article from Germain Paris, a consultant at Genius Project, we take a look at the bottom up – the time sheet. After all, many organisations still want to see exactly what their people are working on but it’s not without its problems…. In 2015, just under a third of projects ...

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Carers – Returning to Project Management

I’ve taken a couple of years off to care for a relative. Now I’m finding it impossible to get back into a project management role. Any advice? Hopefully you are making it clear on your résumé what you have been doing for the last few years. Hirers don’t like to see unexplained gaps and would prefer to see something rather than nothing. Depending on the types of roles you have been applying for, there could be some problems with trying to gain the same level of role you held previously. If hirers have two résumés with similar experiences and skills, ...

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400 Seconds of Project Management

Imagine having 400 seconds to get across your point in project management. If there’s something you’re particularly passionate about – or even an expert in, could you limit yourself to 400 seconds? How about 20 images popping up behind you every 20 seconds to make sure you stay on flow? This is the art of concise presentations – or better known as PechaKucha – which first came about in 2003 in Tokyo (have a read about the background to it on the website). In July I managed to get along to a Project Management PechaKucha night in London with seven ...

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Back to PMO School in September

There’s quite a lot going on in September for those of you who are working in PMO in the UK. PMO Flashmob – the networking group for PMO people – is hosting three events in London, Southampton and Edinburgh. Get your new bag and pencil-case sorted, it’s back to PMO School this September! Agile PMO First up is Edinburgh. Still a hot topic for PMOs – the Agile PMO. This evening is about exploring the role the PMO takes in supporting Agile projects within an organisation. It takes place on the 15th September. For those of you who live too ...

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Agile: Should I Be Taking Training? – Project Management Advice

“I’m hearing a lot about Agile and project management. Should I be taking some training in this area?” Agile and more specifically Agile Project Management has certainly been in the spotlight over the last few years and this is a question I’ve been asked a lot. Project Managers, especially those working within I.T and business projects for a number of years, will often say that they know enough about Agile to manage the Agile element within a bigger project but not enough to fully manage an Agile team. In fact, many also argue that the Project Manager shouldn’t even be ...

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Advice – Downturn in the Oil & Gas Industry

“I’ve been working in the Oil and Gas industry for a while as a cost engineer but I’m concerned about the downturn in the industry. Any advice on how to make a move away from this industry?” Roles like cost engineer – project controls, schedulers, planners – are almost always found in industries that I like to call “heavy project management” or highly regulated industries like construction, engineering, manufacturing and of course oil and gas. Your existing experience should suit these industries perfectly already so that should be the first area for you to research. You may also find that ...

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Commanding More Respect as a Project Manager

“As a young Project Manager I get this feeling that my youth & inexperience is working against me. Do you have any tips on what it takes to command more respect as a younger PM?” The easier and straightforward answer is to make sure you deliver successfully; actions definitely speak louder than words. This is the case for any project practitioner regardless of age or experience levels. Do an outstanding job; which not only means delivering the project successfully but also making sure you’re doing that whilst managing expectations of those around you. Sure, there are some practitioners around who ...

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