Making mistakes

How to Turn a Mistake into Something Positive

Most people fear failure, will do anything to avoid it and will refuse to admit it. We have developed a widespread culture of success in which we’re told to learn from our mistakes as children, but as soon as we reach adulthood and enter the business world, we almost develop a failure phobia. Failure and the making of mistakes should be embraced as a key part of development. Recognising it and learning from them are essential steps towards improvement. Failure is the first step to success There are endless examples of public figures who made mistakes and endured failure to ...

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Discrimination and the Public Sector

Discrimination and the Public Sector; where appropriate and with justifiable exception In the 2014 PMBR and our newsletter we wrote extensively about “Recruiting for vacancies requiring National Security Vetting clearance” and how this could be seen as a form of discrimination if it is not managed in a reasonable way. Low and behold, as a recruiter engaged with the CL1 (the new process through which contractors are being recruited for positions in the UK Government) we have recently been reminded that the relevant Code of Practice on this matter states that “Candidates should not, as a rule miss out on ...

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Project Management Training Report

The Project Management Training Report

In this month’s project management newsletter we take a deeper look into project management training. We’ve gone all out and given some really detailed insights that were collated from this year’s project management benchmark report but not published until now. If you’re interested to find out which training courses and accreditation bring the greatest returns on your investment take a look at the latest newsletter Here’s just one example of some of the analysis in the latest report. This one takes a look at the choices project management practitioners make – split by gender:   To see the whole report, ...

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What does an Umbrella Company Do?

Following on from our recent article (you can read it here) on giving a general options that are available for Project Managers who are thinking about freelancing, this week we take a look at what Umbrella Companies do. An Umbrella Company is an accounting & administration service which allows professionals to work in contracts without the worry of setting up and managing the financial aspects of a Limited Company. You retain full control of your core working day and the projects that you are managing, but have the comfort blanket of someone managing your money matters. Whether you are new ...

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Agile Transformation

Starting an Agile Transformation

Agile is a flexible approach to project management promoting collaboration, communication and cross-functional teams through the continual prioritisation and re-prioritisation of requirements.  An agile transformation is all about an organisation/team/individual adapting, organizing and executing their work to an agile way of working. So where do you start if you contemplating starting on an agile transformation? One of my colleagues said ‘start with the engine room and then scale out’. Great advice but which ‘engine room do you start with? Fortunately, Mike Cohn ** also gives some great advice about selecting the right pilot project which is probably the most critical ...

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Project Management Interviews

If you’ve never come across #pmchat before it is a community of project managers from across the globe who tune into Twitter for 60 minutes and share insights based on a theme. The theme on the 19th September 2014 was project management interviews. Before each #pmchat we like to share an article that sets the scene for the discussion and I wanted to share some recent insights into how project management interviews have been carried out in recent weeks here in the UK. There are three main areas I want to cover – the technical competencies, the behavioural competencies and ...

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