Project Management Career Q&A – Lacking Project Finance Experience

“I have been trying to break into a civilian PM job having left the Forces but always seem to fall at the hurdle regarding project finance. I’ve always worked to a budget in the military and of course am able to control personal budget but interviewers tend to focus very heavily on the finance side of things in projects, which counts many interviewees out. Your thoughts would be appreciated?”   I’ll focus on the positives first; you are being selected for interviews so you obviously have something that organisations are interested in. Project managers with a background in the Forces ...

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What is Happening in the Project Management Marketplace Today?

You might have noticed that Arras People launched the latest Project Management Benchmark Report earlier this year? On the 20th May we will be at an APM event in the North West talking about What is Happening in the Project Management Marketplace Today? It’s not enough to just talk about salary levels and what you are worth or asking the general question, ” so how’s the market doing these days” when we think about the current marketplace for project management. There are many other factors that come into play and the Benchmark Report has always helped us to understand what ...

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Using Mind Mapping in Meetings

Meetings – they’re everywhere! How often do we joke or pass comment about “yet another meeting…” Have you ever wondered how many workplace meetings take place throughout the world in just one day? Over 11 million formal meetings take place each day in the US alone Employees globally spend an average of 5.6 hours per week in meetings 69% of participants feel that these meetings are unproductive and unnecessary Yet meetings held for the right reasons, can, and should be, the vehicle for communication, information, motivation, creativity, clarity, agreement, action planning, productivity (to name but a few) as well as ...

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5 Golden Rules of Effective Change Management

Successfully managing a company through a period of change can be a difficult thing to achieve. Not only are you attempting to introduce new processes or techniques into the workplace, but you also have to get different teams on board with them and implement the changes as seamlessly as you can. In order to help you manage change effectively, there are five key approaches that can help in most change situations. Others may be substituted in according to different priorities and circumstances, but general change management procedures would do well to follow these guidelines to ensure prolonged success. Create a ...

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PM CV Workshop – Free Workshop Only at Project Challenge

Arras People are exhibiting at Project Challenge later this month (25-26th March) and we thought why not add a few little extras into our time there so here’s the plan. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to do exhibitions you’ll probably recognise this. The time when the door first opens can be a little slow (everyone seems to be fuelling up on caffeine for the day ahead in the on site cafe). So we thought why not hold two free sessions* on each of the mornings of the show. On the 25th March when the doors open at 9.30am we’ll ...

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The Project Management Job Seeker and Professional Currency

Professional currency? In its simplest terms it is what you have to trade with when looking for a new job. The best professional currency is that which is current, up-to-date, something you excel in, something you’re qualified to do. Professional currency is not something you did 3,6,9 years ago. The work you did back then has helped you to gain the professional currency you have today but it’s not something you are going to trade with today. That would be like a supermarket offering a 5-year-old can of tuna. Yet for many project practitioners it still feels like those experiences ...

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A New Career Planning Tool for Project Practitioners

Here’s a neat little tool that can help you frame your project management career against the qualifications from AXELOS (PRINCE2, MSP, P3O etc). It follows on well from the article from earlier this week on what to do when you’ve taken your PRINCE2 Foundation AXELOS have put together something called Career Paths, it takes a look at different roles in project management at different levels of seniority and skill. Starting at the entry level with Project Co-ordinators, Programme Co-ordinators it goes through to Project Managers, Programme Directors and Portfolio Directors. Each one of the roles features an overview of what ...

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What Can I Do After I’ve Got My PRINCE2 Foundation?

Due to the popularity of PRINCE2 we find that all kinds of people actually take the PRINCE2 Foundation accreditation. They’re not all project management people either. Sure some are taking the PRINCE2 Foundation because they want to get into project management and PRINCE2 Foundation is seen as a first step in doing this (rightly or wrongly, this post is not about whether that’s the right thing to do). Others take it because they’ve somehow ended up in a position where they’re coming into contact with projects for the first time and want to take a course that can help them ...

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