How to Stick to the Scope in a Project

Anyone who has dealt with projects will have horror stories about the negative effect scope changes can have – so KeyedIn Projects gave project managers and other experts the opportunity to air C-Suite gripes and shed some light on why these changes occur and how they can damage projects. Reasons include executives not engaging with projects enough, and not understanding why not being aligned with a project can result in its failure. Despite them causing much aggravation to project managers, changes are bound to happen, whether you like them to or not. However, there is a limit to the amount ...

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Using Mind Mapping for Project Management Interview Preparation

I’ve been using my favourite tool again, mind maps. This time I’ve used it to help project practitioners with interview preparation. If you’ve not been for an interview for a while it’s always good to have a reminder of the basics. I’m using Mind Genius and they have already put together a really good overview. I’ve just added a few other bits and pieces which is preparation you can do beforehand in terms of positioning yourself against the job specification. You can get deeper into the preparation by having a look at a previous article Project Management Recruitment Ideas – ...

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Applying for a Job with a Recruitment Agency

One thing that Arras have always tried to do with practitioners (or non-practitioners) who apply for roles at Arras People is to treat them with a level of respect and offer a level of communication that is not generally found in the recruitment sector. We take the time to send emails to candidates who are unsuccessful, a simple process but at least it removes the “black hole” syndrome that we hear so many candidates complaining about. OK, we don’t have the time to personalise every email to give personal feedback but even so it feels like the right thing to ...

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The Project Management Salary Guide 2015

Arras People have just released the Project Management Salary Guide. This is the most comprehensive report we have released in relation to project management salaries and has been put together following the release of the Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) at the beginning of the year. We have so many insights that couldn’t fit into the PMBR otherwise we would have ended up with a weighty tome! So here is the Project Management Salary Guide which takes an indepth look into how project management salaries and rates are impacted by areas such as education level, the accreditations they undertake, even ...

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The PMO Conference

Finally there’s a PMO focused conference happening in London. PMOs have long been the underdog when it comes to project management. There’s a multitude of project management related conferences, seminars, training, accreditation, magazines, websites.. all dedicated to project management but not PMO. For the people who work within the PMO field there is a distinct lack of support for development so it’s great to have the PMO Conference as a fixture on the calendar alongside other project management events. The programme for the day includes some real thought leadership stuff in PMO as well as case studies from organisations who ...

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Recruiting Project Managers

The Project Management Benchmark Report which was launched earlier this year provides an overview of the lives of project managers in the UK today. There are so many areas covered that we never manage to put everything into the report itself. Next week we’ll be launching the next mini report – The Project Management Salary Guide – which is the most comprehensive view of project management salaries and rates in the UK to date. If you’d like to get a copy you can sign up to receive it at the end of the post. In the meantime we wanted to ...

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Project Management Career Q&A – Interviews

I’m a project manager who has an upcoming interviews soon. I’d like to prepare the best I can and I’ve been trawling the internet for sample interview questions and wondered if you have any recommendations? Yes, you can come up with your own based on the job you are being interviewed for which is much better than random questions posted around the internet. Here’s how you start. Take the job specification or job advertisement for the position and start to group the roles and responsibilities. You will start to see that the groups tend to fall into competency areas – ...

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Project Management Careers Q&A – Getting Started with Networking

I want to become better at networking, do you have some simple steps I can start using today? I think networking is one of the most underrated skills for people in management positions today and that applies to project managers too, so it’s great that you recognise that you want to get better at it. Networking is not just about meeting new people, it’s mainly about sharing information in some way and that can apply to people you already know too. The first thing you can be doing is thinking about networking in your current organisation. This is about cultivating ...

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