Applying for Project Management Jobs at the Right Level

I’ve been trying to apply for positions at a certain salary level but I’m not sure if my resume reflects my experience at that level, what would you advise? This is a common problem for job seekers – how do you make sure that when you apply for a position, at say £100K, that your resume reflects that you’re worth that salary level? It works both ways too, you don’t want to pitch your resume and experience as too high or too low. With a project related CV often it comes down to the context of what and where your ...

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Moving On in a PMO Career

I’m working in a PMO at the moment and looking to move on in my career over the next year. Is there any advice you can give to help me get prepared. PMO still causes quite a bit of confusion in the marketplace – mainly because there are so many different types of PMO and in turn so many different types and levels of people who work within them. If you’re looking for a new position outside your current organisation you need to start your research now into how other organisation advertise their PMO positions, playing close attention specifically into ...

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Does Size Matter?

A recent edition of Recruiter magazine (13th October) included an article entitled “Piecing together a staffing dilemma” which investigated whether organisations should pick a super agency or select a group of specialists as they look to staff up for the future. Overall the arguments fell into the usual entrenched positions with the advocates of the “super agency” pitching savings in costs and time alongside the marketing muscle that their size brings to the table. The specialists on the other hand naturally pushed their ability to supply high quality candidates through their “intimate knowledge of a sector” and their ability to ...

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5 Traits of Successful Project Managers

I often get asked by those starting out in project management – or those wanting to up their game in their career about what makes a successful project manager. In this guest post, we hear from Joel Roberts who talks about the traits of successful project managers. There are many lines of work in life. Whereas some of them are inborn, a majority of them must be learnt. Project managers are among the personnel who must be well-trained to be successful. Project managers can also be referred to as technologists. They are a special breed. The success of a project ...

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The Role of Programme Support Officer in a Project

I had this question the other day, “what is the role of the programme support officer in a project?” I had to ask for clarification because I wasn’t sure if this was a case of just getting a role title mixed up or a genuine case of what elements of a project would a programme support officer get involved in. Just to clarify what I mean about the first one. Often people will get job titles mixed up – especially in supporting roles because there are so many of them i.e., we have Project, Programme and Portfolio, then we have ...

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Project Management Keywords in CVs

We all know how ‘modern’ recruitment works in the UK. Keywords. Keywords are king. They have to be. Recruitment systems that hold hundreds and thousands of CVs have to be filtered in some way. It’s just like Googling. You have to start with some basic keywords of what you’re looking for. It’s a start. It’s a way to reduce the number of records to something manageable. Something manageable that a human can then deal with. Humans want to deal with the ones that are more likely to be the right person for the job. Recruitment works exactly like that. It’s ...

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What Does “Collaboration” and “Social” Really Mean in Project Management?

It’s time for a new competition and a chance to find out the answers to the question What Does Collaboration and Social Really Mean in Project Management? On the 1st December in London there’s a new and unique session taking place and we have two tickets for two lucky project practitioners. Here’s a bit about it: Best selling authors – Peter Taylor (The Lazy Project Manager) and Elizabeth Harrin, will be exploring the exciting but challenging world of collaborative & social project management. They’ll show you that you can overcome the challenges of bringing people together to work seamlessly on ...

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The Basics for a Happy and Productive Day on Projects

We often forget about the basics of work – the act of being at work everyday and wanting to be productive, happy and ultimately achieve what we want to out of the day. Here Genius Project give us some great reminders about making your day work better for you. A study conducted by The Progress Principle shows that 76% of work days are considered successful when the employee feels they have made progress or a breakthrough. Well-being at work, requires pro-activeness. We have assembled some tips to help you achieve work day success. Setup a pleasant environment. Working in a ...

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