The APM – Bad for your Wealth!

Some of you may have noticed that the APM (The Association for Project Management) have recently released a new report in which they have collated the findings from their “study of over 2,700 APM members and non-members … the largest stakeholder engagement exercise ever conducted by APM”. As you could probably imagine the team here at Arras People couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015 report to see what the APM had turned up. We wanted to see the quality of their research and how it stacked up against the 10 years of ...

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What is Happening in the Project Management Marketplace Today?

Arras People have 10 years of ongoing research into the project management marketplace. The interesting thing is that a lot of the challenges we experience in the project management marketplace are still the same as they were 10 years ago when Arras People first started the Benchmark Reports. The challenges are still about professionalism, certifications, training, wages, gaining respect, the “anyone can do project management” and certain qualifications being asked for but not really used in the business. We started the Benchmark Reports back in 2005 because we were looking for certain stats on project management and couldn’t find a ...

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Agile Business Analysis (AgileBA®) has finally arrived!

The book so many of you have been patiently waiting for is here at last. The past year has been a whirlwind of iterations and releases. As many of you know, working in an Agile way is not an easy get out of jail card, it takes hard work, commitment and most importantly good communication. Since our 20th Anniversary in June last year, we have published two new pocketbooks and not one, but three new handbooks; this will soon be four. DSDM’s 20th year has certainly been a busy one. So what have we been up to? With regards to ...

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On Task and On Time – Task Management

It’s what we all do… regardless of our title, job role or where we’re placed in our business or organisation, the productivity and efficiency of the day-to-day business depends on everyone taking responsibility to ensure that everything they are tasked to do is done to the best of their ability and on time. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And, of course there’s a lot more to it than this rather simplistic view. So why is it then, if it’s such a simple concept, that we continually come across missed deadlines, uncompleted tasks, lack of clarity on priorities, ownership and timescales? But ...

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Celebrating British Project Management – The Best of British

The PMI Congress EMEA was in London a few weeks ago, and Peter Taylor aka The Lazy PM put together a little podcast series to coincide with it called “The Best of British”, it was put together to celebrate British project management. I spoke to Peter as part of the series and talked about the current market for project management as well as PMO. I kicked off with the positives in programme and project management recruitment and said it is a good steady market at the moment after a few years of turbulence. Confident remains high as we saw in ...

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Sustaining Agile in Organisations

I’ve listened to a lot of agile related presentations and sessions over the last few years. There’s no denying that agile is on the agenda for many people working in a project environment today and one of the organisations people look to for agile leadership is DSDM. DSDM have been around since 1994 (see Agile is not that new!) and each year they put together a conference which is aimed at people who either already have a lot of experience working in an Agile culture or for those who are at the early stages of exploration. The next conference is ...

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A Baby Boomer Project Manager Career Change

I’m in my mid-fifties with considerable project management experience in a large company. I don’t think I want to stay here for the rest of my working life. Do you have any advice for a baby boomer looking to do something new? Like a lot of experienced and older project managers, there comes a time in your life when you stop, look around and wonder if there is a new career waiting for you. This second (third, fourth…) stage of your career is a characteristic of what we call ‘kaleidoscope careers’. As we move through our working life our priorities ...

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Coursera Courses for Project Managers

Are you aware that you can access free classes from top universities from around the world from the comfort of your own armchair? Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses for anyone to take, for Free. I’ve tried a few courses and I really love them. The quality of the course materials are absolutely amazing and they’re tough too. This is real university level education, in fact many of the courses are from modules from degree courses which are running right now. There’s a lot of courses to pick ...

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