When is the Right Time for Project Managers to Switch Jobs?

Rather than asking when is the right time for project managers to switch jobs, the first question that should be answered is, “Why do I want to switch jobs?”. It can take much thought and many iterations before the real reasons for the change are realised. Is it really a bigger salary or work/life balance, or is it a bigger challenge, a higher profile role or just a safer role in a prosperous organisation. A simple tool, Paired Comparison Analysis, can help you get to the real drivers behind your decisions before you start to make plans to make any ...

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How to Handle Procrastination as a Project Manager

Procrastination is the habit of postponing tasks. This includes even avoiding to accomplish important or critical issues. Most of the time the work is delayed until the deadline is reached. It appears in any segment of life: at home, at work, at school or even during free time. It can influence the state of mind, the family members, the colleagues and everyone that gets in contact with the person that presents procrastination habits. Procrastination reasons Most of the time people tend to avoid certain actions by focusing on more pleasurable ones. This behavior is explainable. Taking into account the principle ...

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Hiring the Right People in Project Management

I was asked the other day, if you’re hiring project managers how do you know who the right people are to hire? It’s a simple question when you initially look at it. Finding the right answer, less so. My initial thought was a combination of skills, experience, character and personality which fit the type of organisation that wants to hire them. We can talk about project management skills, previous experience in projects, training, education, life experiences but what kind of combination gives us the right person? The Right People for Organisations Hiring project managers is difficult if an organisation is ...

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Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding is something that many of us are aware of but if you’re anything like me I wouldn’t know where to start if I wanted to crowdfund a project for a new product. In this guest post, Ashley Marron, CEO of MindGenius Limited gives us an insight into his experiences on a – currently live – crowdfunding project. Will they hit their target? Read on and find out more. Having a clear, long-term strategy for business has always been part of my professional DNA. So when it came to planning how we could maximise the potential of our new product, ...

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Project Management CV – Writing in the First Person

One of the most common things I see in a project management CV that jumps out straightaway and tells me that the rest of the CV might not be all that great is the use of the first person in the profile. Is it just a pet hate of mine or is it something that other hirers have a problem with too? Here’s what I mean: I am a highly motivated individual passionate about effective project management. I have proven experience in the successful delivery of various projects across a number of industries including IT, Railway Engineering and Public Affairs. ...

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Moving to a Programme Manager Position

“I want to move to a programme manager role from my project manager level experience. I’m not sure if I have the right kind of  experience? What about MSP?”  The key answer  when being asked about moving into a new role is to first look at what is being asked.  Programme Managers have responsibility for realising the benefits from a number of projects. Strategic in nature, the combined projects deliver the programme objectives (many of which evolve over the duration of the programme). To make the move any professional must therefore demonstrate a solid project management experience, managing simultaneous large ...

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First Place Position, Thanks to Dashboard Indicators

In this guest post, Maxime Villeger from Genius Project gives some smart advice on what to consider when it comes to dashboard reporting in your project organisation. You’re driving. The dashboard shows your speed, fuel level, oil. Everything is under control. Suddenly, a red light comes on. Panic. What’s going on? Should we stop? This is the story of the dashboard. Since the 2000s, we’ve been talking about mega-data, or more specifically, big data. With the snowball effect, this explosion of data has led to a proliferation of information and analyses. All this information, if they become part of our ...

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Value for Money (VfM) in Project Resourcing

One of the ongoing challenges of recruiting project management practitioners is the desire for the hiring organisation to achieve Value for Money (VfM). This is especially so in the work we undertake in the Public Sector where VfM in some organisation seems to equate to the cheapest available resource! The National Audit Office (NAO) suggests that VfM is about “the optimal use of resources to achieve the intended outcomes. ‘Optimal’ means ‘the most desirable possible given expressed or implied restrictions or constraints’. Value for money is not about achieving the lowest initial price.” They go on to explain that VfM ...

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