What have Stand-ups, Ross Noble and Sunderland got to do with Agile?

Please don’t get me wrong I love the fact that PPM practitioners are talking about being agile (small a); what concerns, is the fact that Agile (big A) appears to be positioned so often as “a new idea” and sold in an anti-establishment way where everything that has gone before is non-agile (big or little a); waterfall is a dirty word; and everything non-Agile should be consigned to the bin!   Whilst Agile could be a great method in some environments it is no “magic bullet”. For many organisations it will be an unattainable goal; but don’t despair, because agility/Agile ...

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Mind Mapping Uses in Project Management

Not the most obvious scenario for project managers or project workers – using mind mapping software for planning project requirements, creating work breakdown structures (WBS), then going on to use the same mind mapping software to schedule and ongoing monitor, control and close – what on earth could mind mapping possibly add or contribute to the project management process? Are there any advantages or benefits? How can there be a fit? Does it ultimately save time and effort? What possible difference or value can this approach bring? Similar to adoption of any other process, tool or solution, the use of ...

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The 5 “C’s” of a PM Interview

When you are invited for an interview it is important to consider what experiences, thoughts and processes the interviewer is also going through as they evaluate you as someone who will potentially join the organisation.  There are five areas to consider for a PM interview, all conveniently starting with a C! 

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Why PRINCE2 is Still Popular

The project management census which is currently running (you can take part in it here) asks the question about project management training and accreditation. We want to know which ones project management practitioners prefer and this year we’ve also asked questions around specific roles – like Portfolio Manager, Programme Manager, PMO Manager etc. It makes sense that we dig deeper and find out if training and accreditation change depending on the role people perform. The results for that will be out in January 2015. In the meantime we are revisiting PRINCE2. Why? Because it is still the most popular project ...

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8 Top Tips for Project Management Contractors

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s that time of year when the nights draw in and people want to snuggle down indoors after a hard day’s work. The last thing you want to do as a contract Project Manager is have to start calculating your taxes or balancing the books for your self-assessment, when all you really want to do is relax and enjoy your evening. Here are a few tips to lighten the load for you! Don’t go it alone – Consider the services of a specialist accounting company , either as a payroll solution provider for ...

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What Project Managers Can Learn from Executive Leaders

Last month I was invited to speak at a PMI conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The theme for the two-day conference was organisational strategy and I opted for Making Organisational Strategy Through Project People for my presentation. Projects are the tools for implementing the strategy of the organisation and project managers of course manage the projects through to successful completion enabling the organisation to meet their strategic goals. It sounds simple yet the project management industry the world over still struggles to gain successful outcomes on a regular and repeatable basis. I focused on the project management skills, competencies and capability ...

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