Recruitment and consent?

Having had my head in contracts for the last couple of days a familiar theme emerged whereby organisations that are hiring like to make it an obligation for recruitment agents to “ensure that any Candidate has given consent for his or her Details to be submitted for any vacancy for which they are submitted”. Here at Arras People from day ...

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Agile in Disguise

I just couldn’t ignore a recent article in the summer edition of IT Now entitled ‘How many Project Managers does it take to send a Tweet?’ (PDF) The words in italic are direct quotes from the article. Project Management has to change – I agree! Traditionally a project manager was the lynch pin of any project; the hub of all the information ...

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Just 28% of project managers are happy in their current role

That is just one of the latest findings from the Arras People Project Management Confidence Index, a mid year report that takes a look at how project practitioners in the UK are faring today.With news that the economy is picking up and recruitment being one of the main indicators that can back this up, it made sense to revisit project ...

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Responding to Change over Following a Plan

The reason why you just can’t follow an upfront plan is because things just change! So I embarked on a routine flight from Gatwick to Gibraltar, a journey I have done a number of times over the last 18 months. So a lot of empirical data to suggest, with certainty, that I will be in Gibraltar before lunchtime, actually scheduled ...

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Impression Management in Project Management Interviews

This is the last post in the series about project management interviews and I wanted to take a look at the social psychology aspect of interviewing and recruiting – specifically impression management. Psychology is an obvious science to turn to when you’re interested in the people aspects of business. We know its difficult to recruit people – especially when we ...

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Project Management Killer Interview Questions

Last week I took a look at the project management interview process with the idea that we could really turn it on its head by interviewers not using a CV during the actual interview. It makes sense because there are certain behaviours that interviewers show that really skew the interview process – or in other words there are known interview ...

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