Choosing the Right Limited Company Accountant

You’ve decided that contracting in project management appeals to you for your next career move; you will be joining the ever-growing workforce of over 1.4million independent professionals. In doing so you need to consider how you plan to run your business and make it a success, both professionally and financially. One way to minimise your workload and increase your pay is by appointing the right accountancy service provider for your business. You may choose to opt for an accountant who has worked in the family for years, or a high street accountant, but keep in mind there’s more than meets ...

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What Would You Do With £10K Career Investment?

It’s always interesting to see what other project management practitioners think about their own career development. We can take insights from others to help form our own ideas about what career development actually is and what form it takes. Yet a lot of our career development thoughts are hindered about what we can afford to do which often limits our thinking. Or we are tied by what our companies would be willing to pay for. That’s when I thought about the question; “If someone offered you £10K to spend on your own career development, what would you do with it?” ...

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What Would You Teach in Project Management?

Project management degrees, further education diplomas, a whole host of training courses and seminars. There’s a lot of options available. We wanted to find out from project practitioners today what they would teach if they could. We asked them the question: If you were asked to guest lecture on something Project Management related at a local university, what would you pick? I think the answers give us two insights. One, these topics are considered, by experienced project practitioners, the topics that are really needed in project management education. Secondly, it gives us an insight into what project practitioners today are ...

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Magic Project Management Career Choices

A few months ago I met one of the senior members of the Magic Circle. It was a great experience. To see someone at the top of their game, clearly professional and still loving what they’re doing. Each day when I’m in the office I see the word “Magic” outside my window. No I’m not overlooking Hogwarts, it’s just the name given to the indoor market, although I’m not quite sure what’s magic about it. I loved watching Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on the BBC recently too (the book is even better) I’m also weirdly addicted to finding out ...

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Successful Internal Networking for Project Managers

Networking. A word that definitely means different things to different people. It can bring shudders to an introvert and a smile to the extrovert. Personally I quite like the act of meeting different people and finding out more about them, I just don’t like the word very much. It just sounds contrived and makes the whole situation feel contrived. I’m much happier to think networking is something natural or spontaneous, where there aren’t a multitude of rules to ‘get the best out of networking’. Just be yourself and open a conversation with someone. Who cares if you get something out ...

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Change Management Through Hearts, Heads and Hands

Back in the early summer, PMI held their Congress in London. I went along to one session called “You Know Your IQ, But What’s Your CQ: Developing Change Intelligence (CQ) to Engage Sponsors, Wow the Workforce and Partner across Levels to Make Change Stick“, big prize for the length of the presentation title! The session, run by Barbara A. Trautlein from an organisation called Change Catalysts was all about how practitioners lead change through recognising their own style and how they adapt their style to different people and situations. I like presentations that look at the effects of personality and ...

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Join the Agile Revolution!

In today’s article, we hand over to DSDM with a guest post bringing us up to date with what’s happening in Agile Project Management. Demand for AgilePM® training and certification goes from strength to strength. Becoming a certified AgilePM Practitioner can enhance your career, demonstrating to employers you have the skillset to deliver projects in a world which demands speed, flexibility and discipline. It wasn’t too long ago that Agile was rather an alien concept to project managers. It’s often been seen as lacking structure and governance, whilst suitable only for non-business critical projects and developments. How times have changed ...

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The Best Way to Prepare for a PMO Interview

You’ve been called up for a PMO interview. You want to make sure you’re going to give it your best shot and like all good projects, the secret to success is in the planning. There are a number of common interview preparation things you can do, regardless of the job you’re being interviewed for. Knowing where you’re going, who you are meeting, making sure you’re dressed for the part and so on. But what you really want to know is how to prepare for the interview itself and the questions you’re likely to receive. In this article we’ll take a ...

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