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Association for Project Management (APM)

Association for Project Management

Arras People became Corporate Members of the Association for Project Management (APM) in 2007, as we also share the goal of developing and promoting the professional disciplines of project and programme management. As the UK's premier provider of recruitment services in this specialised area, we believe we are uniquely placed to deliver high quality services to all sectors of the market, as well as the many excellent candidates that we have dealt with over the past six years who are seeking project management jobs.

It is our belief that qualifications and accreditation alone does not prepare an individual for a project management job! To become a practitioner with the ability to add real value for a client or employer that learning has to be applied, experience gathered and lessons learned. It is only by probing candidates real life experience that their suitability can be established; key word matching on Project + Prince2 will very rarely provide the right answer!

As a Project Management Consultancy that specialises in the supply of permanent, contract, interim and temporary programme and project personnel, we believe our skills mean we are better positioned to help you with your staffing challenges. General recruiters may have their place in any business, but do they have the skills, knowledge and understanding to work with you to identify realistic solutions to your Project Management challenges?

If you're a corporate member of the APM we'd like to work closely with you. We believe we have a shared interest in delivering successful projects and that can only be done with the right people in place.

In addition to great service, all corporate members of the APM automatically qualify for a reduction in our project management fees for recruitment services!

Arras takes part in APM debate

APM's Project Magazine

Arras People's Lindsay Scott was one of nine panelists involved in a round-table discussion about professionalism in project management qualifications. The heart of the discussion, featuring a variety of consultants from all walks of the PPM industry in the UK, was featured in Project magazine, the official magazine from the Association for Project Management (APM).

Chaired by Andrew Bragg, chief executive of APM, Lindsay's voice was heard on professional issues including perception, competencies, soft skills, project failure, and assessment, among others.

The article can be found here (.PDF)
, so have a look at what Lindsay and her fellow project professionals have to say.