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Arras in the Community



Arras People in the Community

Giving Back to the CommunityArras People have long made it a point to be prominent members of their local and national communities. Whether its sponsoring volunteers hoping to find their way into the project management marketplace, or benefitting local Greater Manchester charities and not-for-profit organisations, Arras People takes pride in giving back and inspiring.

We also enjoy our time in the community, socialising and sharing in the backdrop of Greater Manchester for the purposes and pursuit of good memories and unrivalled team camraderie.

We invite you to learn more about where Arras People's social calendar has taken us in recent years.

Voluntary Project Management

Voluntary Project Management Job Board

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Project Management Careers Clinic

One-to-One Project Management Careers Clinics

Affordable, productive sessions that help you get ahead in your project management job search or career development. Book a session today for one-to-one advice that helps you work through any issues you're currently experiencing. Take a look at how Arras People can help you